Charity is a social, economic and humanitarian necessity, a solution to the problems of poverty and unemployment, the elimination of crime and the goal of social development.

This is done through the guidance of Trustees of Annai Blessing Charitable Trust,  and their support for charitable works, their keenness to provide services, the environment for the simple citizen, education, housing and health, and support for the poor and the needy through the completion of many charitable projects that demonstrate their support for social responsibility.

The benefit of charitable work is to encourage  to redistribute money which helps thousands of families that do not ask people. This requires charities to collect accurate information about the needy and the poor in the villages. Which sometimes can not be easily accessed by the official state, with the need to renew the databases on an ongoing basis, in order to ensure the greatest possible access under the framework of social welfare.

The development of community members to care for gifted and talented people who are deprived of poverty and the need to continue their education, which leads to a state of hatred for the society because they are not cared for, to continue their journey of excellence and then help change their social situation for the better.

Care for orphans The benefits of charitable work Care for orphans who have lost their families, and not left in the wind, so that these orphans do not become time bombs, or projects of destruction, especially in the absence of the host, with the consequent loss of belonging to their homeland, To intensify efforts in the care of orphans, in order to achieve social solidarity required.

Unemployment which negatively affects the youth group, where they lose a sense of equality within their society, especially after spending many years of their life in the field of education, and then joining the unemployed, and the contribution of charitable work by providing good loans for that category, To start their career away from the administrative domain of the state.

Other benefits increase the sense of doing good by its value, thereby increasing its self-confidence.

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